What to Expect

Our dedicated team at Montes Law is ready to help you with any legal matter that you and your family are facing. Although no case is the same and our attorney handles each one with personalized attention, here are four phases to expect:

• Evaluation
• Investigation
• Litigation
• Compensation


When an individual comes to us for legal counsel, our team evaluates all of the details of their situation, determining if a successful case can be made or not.


Once a lawsuit has been filed, our team compiles all of the evidence, including claims, medical records, police reports, and witness testimonies.


After this evidence is shared with the opposing party’s legal counsel (which is required by law), strategies such as pre-trial negotiations are explored. If such negotiations are not possible, the case will go to court. Such negotiations are preferred, since trials are extremely involved and can be much more stressful on a client and his or her family.


Our goal here at Montes Law is to make sure that our clients receive the justice and the amount of financial compensation that they deserve.

Our attorney, Pat Montes, and our dedicated team are ready to walk you and your family through each of these steps with strength, care, and excellence.

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