Reed Morgan

“Pat Montes has been an inspiration and great co-counsel in preparing clients for deposition, trial testimony, and mediation. She understands the importance of empathy and ‘walking in the shoes’ of clients to connect with them, the lawyer and the jury as ‘one.’ She has the will to spend the time in learning what the client has experienced, their loves, their adversities, and their spirit. Most importantly, she has the capacity, through the use of trial preparation methods, to allow us, as advocates to learn to understand, to care for, and to present the core value of our clients. I have worked with Pat for years on exceedingly difficult cases, and have always felt she made a huge difference in coming up with the winning formula, which is the connection between the jury, the client, and us- the advocates. The adage, ‘it’s not about the facts,’ and all decisions are made through human emotion, the strongest being love, is the foundation of her work. Working with Pat, we learn how to reach the heart and sole of the listeners- the judge, the jury, and the witnesses.

“Pat has taught me to feel and understand the depth of goodness in clients and how to share their life’s work, and who they are with our listeners. I could not do this without the assistance of her skill in using trial preparation methods and story. She has worked hard and trained herself to understand what induces jurors to listen and to ‘feel’ what the story really is about. Her work facilitates the connection the lawyer learns to make with the client first, then the jury, and to feel for the clients who place their trust in us as their ‘last stop’ to prevent them from being denied justice. I highly recommend you work with Pat to show you how to get your message across and to do it with passion.”

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