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Construction Accidents

  • Falls from elevation – falls from roofs, ladders, or other elevated surfaces
  • Falls at the same level – slips, trips, and falls on flat surfaces
  • Caught under/between/in – a part of the body is crushed or pinched
  • Motor vehicle accidents – traffic accidents
  • Struck by/against – impacting a part of the body against something, being hit by moving or flying objects, or impacting the ear drum by noise
  • Musculoskeletal injuries of upper body (neck, back, and arms) or Musculoskeletal disorder of the lower extremities which are work-related (knees, ankles, and feet) – injuries from squatting, kneeling, overexertion or other repetitive motion, lifting, hand pinching, gripping, being in an awkward posture, or vibrating

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